Rock Stars of Science

November 21st, 2010 by Richard.James

Discover magazine (which is available with your library card through our database resources- click here to access the full text of the magazine from 2001) has a great website with great blogs, and has been writing a lot recently about the Rock Stars of Science campaign, which has been running online as well as in glamorous print periodicals such as GQ magazine.

Rock Stars of Science is designed to increase the general public’s awareness of the contributions of scientists to the health and economic well-being of the nation, and to combat a general obliviousness of most people to the identity and prominence of some of our most important American scientists. In fact, in a recent survey, more than 70% of people could not identify a single living American scientist!

The campaign highlights some of the work of significant scientists in a variety of fields, pairing them up with rock stars from the world of music to indicate perhaps just how well known scientists such as Philip Plait, Hemant Mehta, and Chad Orzel should be.

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4 Responses to “Rock Stars of Science”

  1. party dj hire says:

    my favourite science fiction character is mr loc from star trek :)

  2. Richard's old mate Jon says:

    Rich – We have one proper Rock Star scientist over here. Prof. Brian Cox who does a lot of work at CERN (recreating the big bang and trying to generate theoretical particles)and has presented many TV programmes on Physics/Cosmology. He was part (keyboard player) of one-hit-wonders D:Ream who had a huge hit a number of years ago with ‘Things can only get better’, which ended up being used by the Labour Party as a campaign song when they came back into power in 1997.
    He’s still got the trendy haircut and down-with-the-youth dress code but does a tremendous job making science accessible.
    And apparently the ladies think he’s just plain peachy and to die for.

  3. Maria Stella says:

    Is that Mr Sean Connery at the back?! I love this man!!

  4. richard says:

    Jon- thanks for that memory: i had to make sure I wasn’t confusing it with the Howard Jones song of the same name- a much finer piece of work in my opinion!

    i hope that brian cox doesn’t end up destroying the earth by creating antimatter or a black hole or some other scenario….Although we wouldn’t have to listen to any more D’ream songs if that happens