Q: Where can I find flood maps for Delaware?

January 22nd, 2010 by Beth-Ann Ryan

*Update 8/26/2011

Click here for direct access to FEMA’s flood map viewer.

The University of Delaware also has information on Delaware floodplains and maps.

Stay safe everyone!

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Q:  I will move to Kent or New Castle County from NW Wisconsin in a few months. I want to


avoid areas too close to sea level as well a flood plains or areas near flood plains. Can you direct me to online, free info (preferably map[s]) regarding flood plains in Delaware? A flood insurance rate map (called a FIRM in the business) would be ideal.   FEMA web site not helpful because it requires a specific address before it can tell you if property is in a flood plain. I need more general info. Tks.

A:  Since Delaware is such a small state you will be able to use the FIRM maps without an address.

Go to the FEMA map website:

1. Select Delaware for the state

2. Select the county you are interested in viewing.   Delaware has three: New Castle County (north), Kent County (central), Sussex County (South).

3. Select a community. For this field, you can select a specific city/town OR select the entire county. Selecting New Castle Co*, Kent Co*, Sussex Co*, will give you complete county information.

4. Select “Get FEMA issued Flood Maps”  and view the map

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5 Responses to “Q: Where can I find flood maps for Delaware?”

  1. Mike Mahaffie says:

    You can also use the Delaware DataMIL (datamil.delaware.gov), which includes recently developed 2-foot contour lines, to determine the height of different areas. The DataMIL is an on-line replacement, for Delaware, for the USGS topographic maps.

    You can also view FEMA flood maps on the Delaware Environmental Navigator (maps.dnrec.delaware.gov/navmap/) from our Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. This site also includes locations of pollution sources and other information that you may find helpful.

  2. Beth-Ann says:

    Thanks Mike! This is great information.

  3. dottie jackson says:

    trying to determine what sections of delaware are in flood plains.
    planing to move to delaware in 2011

  4. Jacqueline Gaines says:

    Thanks Mike thewas really helpful. We really needed some guidance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the link to femas flood maps. i did’t know I would ever need this but today i did. my family is not in a flood zone so we don’t need to evacuate. THANK YOU.